A Whole Lot of Traffic Tickets … and a Whole Lot of Money

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Written by Gregory Monte.

Did you realize that, on average, 3,796 traffic tickets are issued PER DAY in our great Commonwealth?  Those are the latest figures released by the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts for the years 2013 – 2017.

Talk about the traffic ticket scam machine on steroids.

That is almost seven million tickets over a four-year period of time.  So, if you take a really rough and conservative estimate of $150 per ticket, this means that motorists forked over ONE BILLION dollars of their hard-earned money to the state.

That is some serious money. But don’t you feel so much safer on the road knowing that it is all for a good cause?

By the way, the actual price tag is probably way higher, because 22% (1,552,198) of the tickets were for speeding compared to only 4% (251,439) for running through a stop sign.  Speeding tickets can certainly run you over $150, especially if you are traveling well over the limit.

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