Most Traffic Ticket Websites Are Worthless.

Written by Gregory Monte.

After my son received a stop sign ticket in September of 2018, I searched the internet for suggestions about how to fight it.  After a couple of hours of effort, I realized that most traffic ticket help sites are pretty much worthless.  In fact, many are run by lawyers who provide minimal guidance because they want you to hire them.  They don’t actually expect you to use the advice they give to defend yourself in court. 

Here is a summary of the kind of “advice” I found in my search:

  • At the time of the traffic stop, make a human connection with the police officer (in order to avoid a citation in the first place).
  • Show picture evidence that the police officer couldn’t have seen your offense because of an obstructed view.
  • Show the sign was obstructed from view.
  • Dispute the officer’s personal opinion.
  • Claim it was an emergency.
  • Request a copy of police officer’s notes so you can challenge what he remembered or saw.
  • Claim the stop line was too faded to see.
  • Claim the stop sign was recently installed.
  • Hope the officer doesn’t show up.
  • Plea bargain to pay more money but avoid the points.

Here are some of the websites I visited that offered the above-listed “sage advice:”

My Free Resources

While some of these websites have ideas that may have a certain degree of merit (like show that the sign was obstructed), most will get you nowhere if you are trying to defend yourself in court.  You need a solid strategy, not vague recommendations.

A solid strategy is exactly what I provide.  You can find the details of this strategy in my free PDF’s


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