Yet Another Worthless Traffic Ticket Advice Website

Written by Gregory Monte.

“Convince the judge that although you may have “rolled through” the stop sign, it was an honest and reasonable error, and you will always pay close attention to the sign in the future.”

Citation for Running a Stop Sign: Options in Court

Is that advice not laughable?  Does anyone really think that the judge is going to buy this bullshit?

That “sage” advice came from a website called TrafficViolationLawFirms.Com.  After checking out the site, I think that I would probably rank it as my Number One Worthless Traffic Ticket Advice Website.

But that quote is just the tip of the iceberg.  It only goes downhill from there.

Last week I wrote a blog post discussing the uselessness of some of the most common traffic ticket advice websites.  For the most part, all that they do is offer some general ideas about what you should do to fight your ticket.  There is nothing substantive on these web pages at all – certainly nothing that is going to lead to victory in court.

Here is what I noted in my blog post:

“After my son received a stop sign ticket in September of 2018, I searched the internet for suggestions about how to fight it.  After a couple of hours of effort, I realized that most traffic ticket help sites are pretty much worthless.”

And here are the worthless sites I highlighted:

My Free Resources

Unlike those lame websites, I offer specific advice about how to beat a traffic ticket. 


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