Really? The State is Concerned About My Son’s Driving?

Written by Gregory Monte.

I received some correspondence from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation several months ago related to my son’s conviction in Magisterial Court for a stop sign violation (he won his case on appeal by the way). At the time, I wondered if I might be the only one offended by the bullshit content of the letter. Well, here is what it said:

The Offensive Letter

My Problem With This Letter

Am I the only one offended by the wording of this letter?

The state is telling me that it is concerned about my son’s safety after he was cited and then convicted for failing to stop at a stop sign? 


There was no one at the intersection when he “allegedly” rolled through the stop sign.  No one was harmed and there was no potential of harm. 

Even if he did “roll through” that sign, be honest – we all do it on occasion.  He was just one of the “lucky” ones to get caught.  That’s the sad but true reality of life.

But you know what else is sad?  Every time I am in the car with him now and he sees someone failing to come to a complete stop, he points this out and makes a sarcastic comment about it. 

You should have heard what he uttered when we observed a police officer do this just last week.

And let’s cut the crap about how police officers are writing tickets out of a sense of concern for the driver.  If you honestly believe this, you are worse than simply naive.  There is a word for you which I won’t write on this blog page for fear of getting censored by my hosting company.

Traffic tickets are all about generating “revenue.”  I put the word “revenue” in quotes because I find it funny that forcing you to pay money is considered revenue by the government.  Businesses generate revenue by convincing you to buy their products.  That is real revenue.

And Here is Another Issue

And how about the grammar mistake in the last sentence of that letter:

“Please encourage your young driver to improve their driving performance in the future.”

It should say “his” performance, not their.  My young driver is one person.

I am sure that there are thousands of citizen-sheep in this great Commonwealth who will criticize my reaction and the words I write here.  These sheep will think I am some disrespectful radical with a chip on my shoulder and a bone to pick with the government.

Actually, they would be correct in thinking that – for the most part.

My son had a clean driving record up until that citation.  The officer could easily have issued a warning.  After all, it was a de minimus violation (not legally speaking but in reality).

But she chose not to, and now I am on a mission to make sure that my son is exonerated.

OK, enough venting for one day.

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