Police Radar Use – Breakdown by State, County and More

Written by Gregory Monte.

Last week I wrote a post about my personal experience with police radar in the three states I travel through every day: New York, New Jersey & Pennsylvania.

Police Radar in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania – Get a radar detector to avoid a speeding ticket.

I had no idea that there was a website that provides this information for every single state.  This site even breaks down police radar use on a county basis, so you can find out what specific band (X, K, Ka, Laser) you need to watch out for as you drive locally.

Radar Detector Forum Geographical Survey (RDFGS)

Update for Pennsylvania Readers

I made the claim in my post last week that the Pennsylvania State Police only use K-Band radar.  This is no longer true.  According to RDFGS, Ka-Band is now used on the Blue Route (476) near the exit for Route 76.

I also found out that Pennsylvania may soon be using Laser to detect speed, however, this will not go into effect until later this year.  According the Pennsylvania Bulletin, Volume 49:

“Permanent Regulation for LIDAR for State Police and Automated Enforcement Systems, 67 Pa. Code Chapter 205, Fall 2019, as Proposed.  The Department will be promulgating a regulation to define proper testing and calibration of LIDAR System to be used by state police and automated enforcement systems.”


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