A Stop Sign in Every Driveway?

Written by Gregory Monte.

I realize that it is probably a waste of time, but I am addressing this blog post to those ultra-law-abiding-citizens who think that any traffic infraction must be handled by a cop issuing a citation.  I called them “Traffic Law Nazis” in a previous blog post.

The “Traffic Law Nazis” vs. The Reasonable Driver

Roll through a stop sign when no one is in sight in any direction?  Ticket.

Travel 5 mph over the speed limit in a safe manner on a road with light traffic?  Ticket.

Change lanes without signaling even though there is no one around you for 100 feet?  Ticket.

You get the picture.

If you consider this term too harsh, perhaps it is better to call them “Traffic Law Hypocrites,” because they claim to uphold all traffic laws when you know for damn sure that they break them on occasion also.

While I am pretty sure that the points I make in this blog post will have absolutely no effect on their view of traffic tickets, at the very least it will solidify my point that most traffic tickets are unnecessary and should be challenged in court each and every time.

No Stop Signs, And Yet … No Accidents???

Which brings me to the title of this blog post.

Over Memorial Day weekend I was out and about in my car going to various stores to pick up materials to celebrate the holiday.  Most of these stores had parking lots/driveways which opened up onto main roads.  What struck me was that very few of them had stop signs to remind patrons to stop before pulling out into traffic.

For that matter, I don’t know of any home owners who have stop signs at the end of their driveways either.

Pure carnage, right?  Without the government letting drivers know where and when to stop, accidents must surely be happening in the thousands each and every day, correct?

And yet, not really – which is why I find comments like the following from my Facebook feed to be so laughable:

Walter Schwartz If you get a ticket you probably deserve it pay it and don’t drive like an idiot.”

David Smith Best defense ever? Come to a full stop 🛑 bonehead!!🙄 Tired of dodging your stupid antics!🤦🏼️”

Bill Wereb Why don’t you just stop? Diptard”

What “Traffic Ticket Nazis/Hypocrites” don’t seem to understand is that drivers actually care about their own safety and the condition of their vehicles.  They use their reasoning and judgement based on the situation that they are faced with and drive accordingly. They don’t just carelessly enter an intersection when other cars are approaching. Sometimes they realize that they must come to a complete stop for safety reasons and other times they decide that they can roll out when no one is coming.

It’s called common sense.

Do “Traffic Ticket Nazis/Hypocrites” blindly exit their driveways because the government didn’t put a stop sign there for them to follow or do they also use their own judgement based on the circumstances?

If you are interested, I wrote more about this issue in a previous post Aggressive Cops Are Like Those Aggressive Teachers You Remember from Grade School.

Not All Traffic Tickets Are Equal

If you are driving 90 mph and dodging in an out of lanes, you probably deserve a ticket because you are creating a hazardous condition on the highway.  If you cause (or almost cause) an accident because you blow through a red light or a stop sign, you probably deserve a ticket.  If you tailgate another car for a mile or two, flash your lights and beep your horn in frustration, you probably deserve a ticket for potentially endangering that driver in front of you.

But, if you are being honest, you will admit that most tickets are not issued in these types of situations.  Instead they are issued as part of a revenue/quota scheme by the local police department with the supposed goal of ensuring “public safety.”

Some Traffic Tickets Are Downright Fraudulent

I will finish this post by relaying a short interaction on my Facebook page.  In this case, even though Mr. Ponder actually did come to a complete stop, the police officer still gave him a ticket.  Fortunately, he didn’t just cave like most citizens and accept his fate.  Instead of being a sheep, he fought it until he got justice.

Maurice Humphrey Stop Sign Ticket Defense , read the laws it’s always been you have to come to a full stop at stop signs.”

Kenneth Darrell Ponder Maurice Humphrey that’s what I did, came to a complete stop. Bushes was blocking line of sight. Eased up to intersection all was clear, I proceeded across, Greenville County deputy who I saw setting on side of road, pulled me over wrote me a ticket for running a stop sign & reckless driving, $469.00 and 6 points. Went to court and lost but won on appeal proved Deputy was lying, and that Magistrate disallowed the evidence that supported my case. In other words the Deputy and Magistrate were lying their ass off and didn’t think I would push it that far. I would have done it on a $25.00 fine with no points taken. If you are not guilty I’ll fight it tooth and nail. Take no crap off the law, work to take their badge off their chest!”

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5 thoughts on “A Stop Sign in Every Driveway?

  1. Why I love roundabouts. If it’s clear you don’t have to stop. If it isn’t clear you stop even though there is no stop sign. Isn’t that amazing? People can actually make a decision on their own that keeps them safe.

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