The 55 MPH Speed Limit in PA – No Special Signs Required?

Written by Gregory Monte.

This short post is a follow-up to my last two which dealt with the speed limit/reduced speed sign requirements in Pennsylvania:

I wanted readers to be aware that there is actually one speed limit situation which is not subject to many of the sign requirements mentioned in those two blog posts – 55 MPH zones.

Title 75, Section 3362(b) specifically lists all of the posting requirements for 70, 65, 35, 25 and all others limits below 55 approved by a local municipality, but the 55 MPH limit is not included.

Not only that, Chapter 212, Section 108(e)(1) also leaves out the 55 MPH situation when it comes to the requirements about posting every ½ mile.

“Speed limits of 50 miles per hour or less shall be posted as follows …”

Basically, the only requirement for a 55 MPH zone is that a sign is placed where it begins:

“A Speed Limit Sign … showing the maximum speed limit shall be placed on the right side of the highway at the beginning of each numerical change in the speed limit …”


Because the default speed limit in Pennsylvania, according to Title 75, Section 3363(a)(2), is 55 MPH:

“… 55 miles per hour in other locations.”


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