Google Trends and Traffic Tickets

Written by Gregory Monte.

Google Trends is a website which tells you what people are searching for on the internet.  The logic behind it is pretty simple – the more people use a particular search term, the more interest they have in that particular topic.

Note: All of the charts included in this blog post show data from 2004 to the present.

A great example to show how this works is the trend for the term “Labor Day.”  As you might expect, more people search for this term right around the beginning of September.  Below you will see the predictable trend chart:

Traffic Ticket Trends

I decided to use this website to check out traffic ticket trends.  First I searched for “how to beat a speeding ticket.”  You will notice in the chart below that interest in fighting speeding tickets seems to be declining:

The trend results I got for “how to fight a traffic ticket” were similar:

But the term “how to fight a stop sign ticket” didn’t even register – there was not enough data to even formulate a chart:

I even tried variations of the terms but got similar results.  For example, “fighting a traffic ticket” and “how to beat a traffic ticket” got pretty much the same results as “how to fight a traffic ticket.”

From one perspective, these trends are kind of depressing. After all, I want as many people as possible to fight and beat their tickets. 

But framing this situation in a more positive light, it just means that I have to use my blog to keep up the fight.  Maybe over the next couple of months/years I can change the trend.

You never know …


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