The “Cowboy” State Troopers Were at it Again …

Written by Gregory Monte.

The Pennsylvania State Police Department regularly reports its ticketing statistics after every major holiday weekend.  I commented about this right before July 4th 2019 when I posted a warning that certain counties tend to see much higher rates of enforcement than others.  I noted, specifically, that Troops A, F & G issued way more tickets per total population than any others. 

How many more?

Based on the populations of those counties, you have a 4x better chance of getting a ticket in the A/F/G Troop region than in the D/P/R region (you can read the July blog post if you want the detailed numbers).

As a result, I nicknamed A/F/G the “Cowboy Troopers.”

In case you are wondering if one of those Troops “services” your area, here is the list of counties within which they work: Cambria, Indiana, Somerset, Westmorland, Cameron, Clinton, Lycoming, Northumberland, Potter, Snyder, Tioga, Bedford, Blair, Centre, Fulton, Huntingdon, & Mifflin/Juniata.

When I checked the stats for Labor Day Weekend 2019, I found that, true to form, the “Cowboy” were back at it.

Total Speeding Tickets

A/F/G “Cowboys” – 3,805

D/P/R Troopers – 977

Total Population

A/F/G “Cowboys” – 1,450, 732

D/P/R Troopers – 1,384,947

This means that the “Cowboys” issued 3.7 x as many tickets per population total as the Troopers in D/P/R on Labor Day Weekend

Looking on the bright side, this is about 15% fewer than the July 4th Weekend …

Its a good start towards equalization, I guess, but I don’t expect that it will continue. Time will tell.

NOTE: I do realize that there may be other factors involved here which might explain the larger number of speeding tickets issued by the “Cowboys.” For example, more motorists might travel through these areas on holiday weekends. When I get the chance, I will try to find a way to factor these out.


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