Very Sneaky: Cops Dressed as Construction Workers.

Written by Gregory Monte.

I was alerted to this situation after reading the National Motorist Association website today.  An article was posted about New York State Troopers disguising themselves as construction workers in order to catch violations of the motor vehicle code.

“During ‘Operation Hardhat,’ troopers dressed as highway workers, while stationed in active work zones, targeting motorists not following posted work zone speed limits.”

Well, it turns out that New York isn’t the only state that is doing this:

But New York, Illinois and Georgia are just recent examples.  Back in 2017 Pennsylvania also apparently gave this a shot.

Troopers in disguise nab speeders on Route 66

“The ruse was part of Operation Yellow Jacket, a partnership between the state police and PennDOT in which state police officers are stationed on the side of the road in a PennDOT truck, wearing a construction hard hat and clothing in an effort to catch people speeding.”

I wonder …

If the goal is to slow down traffic (rather than raise “revenue” by collecting fines), a marked police car would be much more effective.

In any case, if you do get a ticket and want to find out about ways you can successfully fight it, check out my three free PDFs:

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