Yes, Traffic Ticket Quotas Do Exist.

Written by Gregory Monte.

If you check out the question/answer website, you will find the following question:

Are traffic ticket quotas used by law enforcement?

After reading all of the answers written by Quora contributors, I felt impelled to provide my own, because too many of the individuals who responded denied the existence of traffic ticket quotas.

Here is what I said:

There most certainly ARE quotas – a simple Google search will show it.

Ticket quotas are illegal, legal expert says after prosecutors in Mass. State Police OT probe say troopers had to issue specific number of citations

Do Traffic Ticket Quotas Really Exist?

How ticket quotas negatively impact police morale and public trust

Do police really have speeding ticket quotas?

Further proof that quotas exist can be found on the National Motorists Association website. Just take a look at its latest Weekly Newsletter Title:

Ticket Quotas are Alive and All Too Well: NMA Weekly E-Newsletter #572:

By our latest count, twenty states have explicit laws banning traffic ticket quotas. And yet, the practice continues, even within some of those states. City, county, and state budgets must be met, and a reliable target for revenue continues to be the motorist.

A brief rundown of the states with quota prohibitions follows but first, courtesy of reporting by, here are just a few of the abuses uncovered in 2019 …

I encourage you to check out that Newsletter where you will find details about the “abuses uncovered” in Massachusetts, Missouri, Texas, Ohio and Florida.

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