The “Cowboy” PA State Troopers – 2019 Results are in …

Written by Gregory Monte.

As I have indicated in previous blog posts, the Pennsylvania State Police step-up enforcement on the roads during each holiday season and then report the results of their efforts on the  “Pennsylvania Pressroom” page. 

Before I discuss those results, let me remind readers that this is the sixth installment in a series discussing the interesting fact that some Pennsylvania State Police officers (Troops A, F & G) issue way more speeding tickets than others (Troops D, P & R).  You can read the other posts to get some more background information on this situation:

2019 Totals

Well, the speeding ticket totals for 2019 are finally in, and the “Cowboys” from Troops A, F & G have “won” again.  Here are the results from New Year’s through Christmas, 2019:

A, F & G – 22,567

D, P & R – 6,370

What accounts for this discrepancy?

In previous posts, I eliminated the following six factors which might possibly explain this speeding ticket anomaly:

  • Population of the counties
  • Number of interstate roads in the counties
  • Number of square miles in the counties
  • Number of local police departments in the counties
  • Counties with the most traffic crashes/fatalities
  • Counties with the most road mileage

Is there another factor I am missing?  Possibly – and I would encourage any reader to suggest something else that might account for this large gap in ticket issuance so that I could look into it.

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