Some Citizens Are More Equal Than Others?

“All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.”

George Orwell, Animal Farm

Written by Gregory Monte.

Back in April of 2019 I first addressed the issue of car window tinting – Traffic Ticket for Tinted Car Windows?

In that post I explained that a friend of my son’s was issued SIX separate tickets because a police officer said that the tinting on all of his car windows registered below the 70% light-transmittance mark.  Fortunately, I found a way for him to beat this obviously unfair set of tickets.

Justice or Just-US?

Today’s post, however, has nothing to do with fighting tickets related to window tinting statutes.  Instead it is an example of how certain groups of people consider themselves better than others.  In an apparent real-life example of Orwell’s Animal Farm, certain Democratic representatives in Rhode Island are proposing the following:

Lawmakers, state judges, police officers and firefighters would be exempt from Rhode Island’s restrictions on tinted auto windows under a bill introduced last week in the state’s legislature, a move the sponsor said was necessary to protect the safety of public officials.”

You can read the details here: Granting Anonymity to State Lawmakers—Behind Tinted Windows

I can kind of understand why police cars owned by a municipality might require heavily tinted windows, but private vehicles owned by cops, firemen and other public officials also? 

Fortunately, the proposed bill has no Republican support and the Senate hasn’t even written up its own version, so it looks like it isn’t going to get very far this year.

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