Eric Peters Autos and National Motorists Association – Two Great Libertarian Leaning Websites About Driving and Cars.

Written by Gregory Monte.

NOTE: I borrowed the picture idea above from one of the websites I am going to mention in today’s blog post.

There are two websites that offer excellent resources on cars and driving which I wanted to let readers know about. The first is the National Motorists Association and the second is Eric Peters Autos.

The National Motorists Association

The National Motorists Association, though not explicitly libertarian, advocates many causes which fit in with that ideology. For example, consider the opening line in the “About” section of its website:

We are a grassroots alliance of motorists joined together to protect our rights in the courts, on the streets, and in our vehicles.

Also, some of the issues it fights for are causes shared libertarian:

  • Freedom from arbitrary traffic stops and unwarranted searches/seizures
  • Freedom from invasive surveillance
  • Full due process for motorists

I first found out about this organization after I got my first speeding ticket in New Jersey a long time ago. The materials I received from them not only helped me plan my defense, but it also gave me the determination to fight rather than just acquiese to my inevitable “fate.” Instead, I decided not to be a “sheep” by paying the fine and just going on with life.

Eric Peters Autos – Automobiles, Motorcycles and Libertarian Politics

Eric Peters Autos is explicitly libertarian, as the title of the site makes clear – but you will find other interesting information here because he also writes about current news related to vehicles of all types.

If you want to know about new car releases, look no further. Each week he reviews a different model. So far this year he has covered the following 2020 vehicles:

  • Ford Escape
  • Ford Expedition
  • Toyota Corolla
  • Land Rover Defender
  • Lincoln Aviator
  • Honda Accord Hybrid

When it comes to politics, his most recent post about property rights is spot on.

My Free Resources

Coming Soon – Using the Traffic Defense Method to Beat a Speeding Ticket

Applying the Traffic Ticket Defense Method to Challenge a Citation.

This is a seven-page, detailed explanation of my three-step method for challenging any traffic ticket. I use the “Driving at a Safe Speed” statute from Pennsylvania to illustrate this method, but it can be applied to any other statute that you might be cited for in the vehicle code.

In addition, no matter what state you live in, the procedure is the same: you need to understand the statute you allegedly violated, look for technicalities in that statute and (most importantly) find case law to support/reveal those technicalities.

Click to Download the Free “Applying the Traffic Ticket Defense Method to Challenge a Citation”

The Pennsylvania Stop Sign Defense Strategy in a Nutshell.

This is a one-page, eight-point summary of the strategy I discovered while researching ways of beating unfair stop sign tickets. It is specifically geared to Pennsylvania but can also be applied to most other states.

Click to Download the Free “Pennsylvania Stop Sign Defense Strategy in a Nutshell”

My Son’s Opening Trial Statement at the Court of Common Pleas.

This is an elegant, one-page, powerfully concise expression of my defense strategy.

Click to Download the Free “My Son’s Opening Statement for his Trial in the Court of Common Pleas, Wayne County, Pennsylvania”

The Brief – My Son’s Case Brief for the Court of Common Pleas

  • An eighteen-page argument for why an illegal stop sign is not enforceable.
  • Requested by the President Judge at Wayne County, PA, Court of Common Pleas.
  • A highly distilled application of the Pennsylvania Stop Sign Ticket Defense.

Click to Download the Free “Brief Prepared for Submission to the Wayne County, PA, Court of Common Pleas”


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