Car Inspection Rejection

Written by Gregory Monte.

Last week I published two blog posts dealing with state inspections of motor vehicles:

Well, they were pretty timely, because my son returned from his PA inspection the other day and guess what? 

He failed to pass.

Were his brakes bad?  No.

Did he have pieces of metal hanging off his car ready to fall off and endanger other drivers?  No.

How about his tires – were they worn to the point of baldness?  No, although we did order four new ones because one was flat and he wanted them to have equal wear.

It turns out that he failed, not for any real safety reason, but because there was a small chip in his windshield which “obstructed” his view. I will let you judge for yourself how dangerous this “obstruction” actually is …

 Here is a picture looking into the car from the front. Do you see the “obstruction?”

Digital Camera

When I blow up the area, it is more obvious:

How about a perspective from inside the car? This next picture is looking out from the driver’s seat:

Digital Camera

Do you see anything there that would block your driving view?

But, of course, inspections are all about safety, right?

I think not. That small chip is going to cost me a small fortune.

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