Pissed Off About Your Traffic Ticket?

Written by Gregory Monte. Beating the System You got a traffic ticket, you’re pissed off, you want to fight it – but you don’t even know where to begin. If this describes your current state of mind, then take a moment to read about what I discovered after spending three months attempting to find a sure-fire way … Continue reading Pissed Off About Your Traffic Ticket?


Police Officer Driving Behavior: More “Just-US”

Written by Gregory Monte. I am writing this blog post about an incident I observed on my commute to work today.  While making my way on Route 17 through New York state in early morning rush hour traffic, I was travelling in the right lane at about 60 mph.  A NY state trooper passed me on … Continue reading Police Officer Driving Behavior: More “Just-US”

Are Vehicle Inspections Necessary?

Written by Gregory Monte. Last week I concluded that state vehicle inspections were not necessarily about safety: Vehicle Inspections – Is It Really About Safety? Some of the Facebook commentary in response to that post informed me that some states actually don't have any inspections. This was news to me, so I decided to look into it … Continue reading Are Vehicle Inspections Necessary?