Traffic Lights in Los Angeles – in Violation of the MUTCD?

Written by Gregory Monte.

Is Los Angeles, CA acting in violation of the Federal Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) in the wake of the corona virus?

Los Angeles Traffic Lights Adjusted To Prevent Unsafe Speeds During Pandem’c

“Traffic signals across the city have been indefinitely put on ‘nighttime mode,” which allow them to operate independently to serve cars as they arrive, instead of coordinating automatically to ease traffic congestion … This will prevent drivers from speeding through consecutive intersections without any red lights stopping them.”

Section 4B.2 of the MUTCD details the advantages and disadvantages of traffic control signals.  Nowhere in that section is speed control mentioned.  Instead, these devices are meant to …

“… assign the right-of-way to the various traffic movements and thereby profoundly influence traffic flow.”

Specifically, this means that:

– They provide for the orderly movement of traffic.

– They increase the traffic-handling capacity of the intersection.

– They reduce the frequency and severity of certain types of crashes, especially right-angle collisions.

They are coordinated to provide for continuous or nearly continuous movement of traffic at a definite speed along a given route under favorable conditions.

– They are used to interrupt heavy traffic at intervals to permit other traffic, vehicular or pedestrian, to cross.

Notice that the fourth point (which I bolded and underlined) recommends the use of traffic control signals for “continuous or nearly continuous movement of traffic.”  This is the opposite of what Los Angeles is doing.

As for the disadvantages listed in the MUTCD, it appears that Los Angeles is guilty of using traffic control signals in an “improper or unjustified” manner which will potentially result in each of the following results:

– Excessive delay,

– Excessive disobedience of the signal indications,

– Increased use of less adequate routes as road users attempt to avoid the traffic control signals, and

– Significant increases in the frequency of collisions (especially rear-end collisions).

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