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My son used the strategy I discovered to beat his unfair stop sign ticket.

Aircraft (Speed Enforcement)

Alabama Motor Vehicle Code

Arizona Motor Vehicle Code

Arkansas Motor Vehicle Code

Arrest Without a Warrant

Automated Speed Enforcement

Bicycles and the Motor Vehicle Code

California Motor Vehicle Code

Colorado Motor Vehicle Code

Connecticut Motor Vehicle Code

Corona Virus

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Constitution (U.S. & Pennsylvania)

Defective” Traffic Ticket

Delaware Motor Vehicle Code

Deterrence (Traffic Tickets)

Discovery in Court


Evidence Rule 902 (Self-Authenticating Evidence)

Facebook Feedback

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Florida Motor Vehicle Code

Georgia Motor Vehicle Code

Google Scholar & Google

Hawaii Motor Vehicle Code


How My Son Beat a Stop Sign Ticket in Pennsylvania

Idaho Motor Vehicle Code

Illinois Motor Vehicle Code

Indiana Motor Vehicle Code

Judges are Funny!

Judges Rule!

Judges Suck!

Kansas Motor Vehicle Code

Kentucky Motor Vehicle Code

Laser (LIDAR) Speed Enforcement

Libertarian Influence

Magisterial Court in Pennsylvania

Maine Vehicle Code

Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (Federal)

Michigan Motor Vehicle Code

Millennials and Traffic Tickets

Minnesota Vehicle Code

Miranda Warning

My Son’s Case in the Court of Common Pleas

National Motorists Association

Nevada Motor Vehicle Code

New Hampshire Motor Vehicle Code

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Code

New York & the NY Motor Vehicle Code

North Carolina Motor Vehicle Code

Ohio Motor Vehicle Code

Open Public Records

Ordinance Requirements for Traffic Control Devices

Oregon Motor Vehicle Law

PA Bill 406 (Radar Use by Local Police)

PA Bulletin

PA Rule 454B (Police Officer Doesn’t Have to Appear in Court)

Parking Tickets

Passing Another Vehicle


Pennsylvania Stop Sign Ticket Defense

Police Jurisdiction

Police State

Police Testimony (and police in general)

Quora Website

Radar Use for Speed

Racing on Highways

Rules of Criminal Procedure

Passing School Bus Tickets

Seat Belt Tickets

Sheep (Don’t Be One)

Silly Traffic Laws?

Social Justice

Speeding Tickets

Speed Traps

Stop Signs

Technicalities in the Statutes

Tennessee Motor Vehicle Code

Texas Motor Vehicle Code

The Pennsylvania Stop Sign Defense Strategy in a Nutshell

The Script – My Detailed Outline for Trial in a Pennsylvania Court

Tinted Windows

Title 75 (Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code)

Traffic Court

Traffic Nazis/Hypocrites

Traffic “Safety” and “Revenue”

Traffic Tickets and Car Color

Traffic Tickets in Pennsylvania

Traffic Ticket Websites

Utah Motor Vehicle Code

Vermont Motor Vehicle Code

Victim-Less Crimes

Virginia Motor Vehicle Law

Washington State Vehicle Code

Wisconsin Vehicle Code

Court Cases (listed by case name)

Court Cases (by blog post name)