How My Son Beat an Unfair Stop Sign Ticket in Pennsylvania

This is a 23-page analysis of my son’s strategy for his trial in Magisterial Court (the first stage of “justice” in Pennsylvania). In this document I lay out the reasoning behind my Traffic Ticket Defense Strategy in an easy to understand one, two, three approach. I also discuss the process of getting open public records which can be used in court to support your case. Finally, I reveal some of the human “drama” of finding justice in a small town where the people in charge all know each other.

The table of contents are shown below.

Table of Contents

Preface – Where I’ve Been and Where I Intend to Go.

  • Unfair Stop Sign Tickets?
  • Unfair = Unenforceable.
  • KISS and the ONE, TWO, THREE Defense.
  • Next Project – Speeding Tickets.

Section One – My Basic Defense: The ONETWOTHREE Strategy.

  • Original Plan Outline – KISS.
  • ONE Open Public Records Request.
  • TWO References to Important Laws.
  • THREE Quotes from Court Cases.

Section TwoDetails About the Alleged Violation.

  • Original Summons.
  • Pictures of the Intersection.
  • Final Court Date Set (After Rescheduling it Twice).

Section ThreeFrom pre-trial “shenanigans” to eventual victory.

  • Word Gets Around?
  • Denied Justice? – The Magisterial Court Judge Refuses to Allow Me to Speak.
  • On to the Court of Common Pleas.
  • Victory at Last.