DUI Checks, Seat Belt Checks … Corona Virus Checks?

Written by Gregory Monte. I can kind of understand why there might be DUI and Seat Belt Checks - although I have written why I don't agree with them in earlier posts: DUI Arrests: Victimless Pre-crime? Live Free And Die? Seat Belt Use in New Hampshire Seat Belt Ticket Ends in Getting Shot by Cop A Worrying Trend in … Continue reading DUI Checks, Seat Belt Checks … Corona Virus Checks?

In PA, Very Few Holiday Crashes Involve Alcohol

Written by Gregory Monte. The Pennsylvania State Police step-up enforcement on the roads during the following holiday seasons: New YearsSpring BreakMemorial DayJuly FourthLabor DayThanksgivingChristmas You can see the breakdown of tickets issued by going to the “Pennsylvania Pressroom” page on the State Police Website. When I sifted through the data from Memorial Day 2016 through Labor … Continue reading In PA, Very Few Holiday Crashes Involve Alcohol

DUI Arrests: Victimless Pre-crime?

Written by Gregory Monte. I know that this is a controversial topic – which is why I have avoided mentioning it on this blog. Until today, of course. I finally decided to bring it up after reading an article called Drunk-Driving And Fake-Science.  I realize that it is hard to feel sorry for individuals arrested for … Continue reading DUI Arrests: Victimless Pre-crime?

DUI on a Bicycle?

Written by Gregory Monte. While I was doing research for yesterday’s blog post about whether bicyclists could legally roll through stop signs, I came across an interesting statute in Utah - Title 41, Chapter 6a, Part 11, Section 1102 - that got me thinking about the question posed in today’s post.  Here is what it says: … Continue reading DUI on a Bicycle?