The PA Stop Sign Ticket Defense

My son applied the full Pennsylvania Stop Sign Ticket Defense at his trial in the Wayne County, PA Court of Common Pleas on March 7, 2019.
It worked perfectly – he was pronounced NOT GUILTY

You can download a free copy of this comprehensive 100+ page document and use it to win your own case. 

  • A 100+ page detailed analysis of my defense strategy.
  • A 32-Item Checklist covering all the possible ways to challenge a stop sign ticket.
  • All the traffic-control device statutes which apply to stop signs.
  • Twenty court case citations to back up my strategy.

Table of Contents

WARNING – Read this First!

PREFACE: “When I want to read a good book, I write one.”

  • Someone Had to Do It … Why not me?  
  • Three Important Points.  
  • Never Give Up.

PART ONE:Why I created and then spent the next three months of my life researching and writing this document.

Section OnePutting the powers that shouldn’t be in their rightful place.

  • An “Anti-Attorney” Speaks.
  • So Goes Main-Stream Media, So Goes the Traffic Attorney?  

Section TwoThe backstory.

  • My Inspiration.
  • The Traffic Ticket Scam Machine.
  • Most Traffic Ticket Help Websites are Useless.
  • Don’t Count on the Officer Not Showing Up.
  • The Most Worthless Website of All.
  • Forums Where You Can Ask Questions.
  • Hire a Lawyer?
  • Lawyer 2.0?
  • The Only Really Useful Website.
  • Do It Yourself?

Section Three: The statistics.

  • A Whole Lot of Tickets and a Whole Lot of Money.
  • Other Interesting Facts.
  • A Hopeful Sign?

Section FourThe evolution of my stop-sign defense strategy.

  • Down the Motor Vehicle “Rabbit Hole.”
  • My Thought Process – The stages of evolution.

PART TWO: Challenging a stop sign ticket in Pennsylvania.

Section OneYou just got a ticket … do you have a case?

  • The Dreaded Red and Blue Lights Flashing Behind You.
  • The Easy Road vs. the Hard Road.
  • How Easy Will it be to Win?
  • Final Caveat – The date of the stop sign installation matters.

Section TwoBefore you read the checklist.

  • The Checklist is Based on Actual Statute.
  • Certified Documents are Necessary.
  • Color Code to Help You Follow the Strategy.

Section Three: The Checklist – every possible way to fight your ticket.

  • Checklist Category #1 – Was the stop sign properly authorized?
  • Checklist Category #2 – Was the stop sign properly placed/positioned?
  • Checklist Category #3 – Is the stop sign a proper device?
  • Checklist Category #4 – Are stop line markings proper?
  • Checklist Category #5 – Does your police department have the authority to enforce stop signs?

Section Four: Don’t just take my word for it.  There is serious case law to support the checklist.

  • Judge to Pro Se Peon: “Why should I believe you?”
  • Checklist Category #1 – Ordinance requirement & local authorities.
  • Checklist Category #1 (continued) – PennDOT doesn’t need an ordinance.
  • Checklist Category #1 (continued) – State highways & local authorities.
  • Checklist Categories #2, #3 & #4 – Proper placement & device. 
  • Checklist Categories #2, #3 & #4 (continued) – Conformity with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).
  • Checklist Category #5 –Police Departments.

PART THREE: Putting it all together – the legal reasoning behind my Pennsylvania Stop Sign Ticket Defense.

  • Checklist? Check … But now what?
  • Title 75, Section 3111 and Stop Sign Authorization.
  • Title 75, Section 3111(a).
  • Title 75, Section 3111(b).
  • Guilty Until Proven Innocent? – Title 75, Section 3111(c).
  • Title 75, Section 3111(d).
  • The Coup de Grace?
  • Tying it All Together – The rules of statutory construction.
  • Important Final Note.

APPENDIX:My son’s stop sign case.

Section OneDetails about the alleged violation.

  • Original Summons.
  • Pictures of the Intersection.
  • Final Court Date Set (after rescheduling it twice).

Section TwoMy basic defense – the ONE, TWO, THREE Strategy.

  • Introduction.
  • Original Plan Outline – KISS.
  • ONE Open Public Records Request.
  • TWO References to Important Laws.
  • THREE Quotes from Court Cases.
  • Word Gets Around?
  • Denied Justice? – The magisterial court judge refuses to allow me to speak.
  • On to the Court of Common Pleas.
  • Victory at Last.

PICTURE CITATIONS: Giving credit where credit is due.