No DUI for Police Chief: Justice or “Just-US”

Written by Gregory Monte.

They sure do look out for their own …

A police chief spends 8 hours drinking at a restaurant, leaves, and then totals his truck.  The cops who arrive at the scene state that he had alcohol on his breath and his speech was slurred.

Slate Belt police chief not charged with drunken driving after crash, DA says

Would you also believe that …

No breath tests were administered to Miller when police arrived after the crash … There were no follow-up questions, and no additional efforts were made to determine if Miller had been ‘under the influence to the degree that it would render him incapable of safely driving’ … No summary citations were issued.”

Sounds fair to me … how about you?

Here are some other “gems” from this story:

  • The District Attorney, Terry Houck felt that “… the police department could have handled the incident better.”

No, really???

  • “Acting Chief Jonathon Hoadley of the Slate Belt Regional Police Department … believes the officers involved followed their training.”

Sure, they would have given every other citizen the exact same kind of kid glove treatment, right?

  • “Hoadley says Slate Belt Regional police conducted an internal investigation and decided no disciplinary action needed to be taken.”

But of course, the “blue wall of silence” shall not be violated.

I think I will file this story along with a blog post I wrote back in November of last year: “Testilying” – How Cops Routinely Lie in the Courtroom

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