Free Advanced Resources for Fighting Traffic Tickets

The PA Stop Sign Ticket Defense

My son applied the full Pennsylvania Stop Sign Ticket Defense at his trial in the Wayne County, PA Court of Common Pleas on March 7, 2019. It worked perfectly – he was pronounced NOT GUILTY.

  • A 100+ page detailed analysis of my defense strategy.
  • A 32-Item Checklist covering all the possible ways to challenge a stop sign ticket.
  • All the traffic-control device statutes which apply to stop signs.
  • Twenty court case citations to back up my strategy.

How My Son Beat an Unfair Stop Sign Ticket in Pennsylvania

  • A 23-page analysis of my initial stop sign strategy.
  • Prepared for my son’s trial in Magisterial Court.

The Script – My Detailed Outline for Trial in a Pennsylvania Court

  • A 50+ page step-by-step application of the Pennsylvania Stop Sign Ticket Defense
  • Full details about the preparation, trial and ultimate victory in my son’s case.
  • An excellent companion to the full Pennsylvania Stop Sign Ticket Defense.