Maybe They Should Just Increase Traffic Ticket Fines …

Written by Gregory Monte.

Because so few motorists are on the roads these days (thanks to the Corona Virus hysteria), states are not pulling in much money on their toll roads:

America’s empty roads seeing fewer deaths but are a blow to state budgets

Similar scenes are playing out across the U.S. as Americans drive roughly half as much as they did before the coronavirus prompted broad stay-at-home directives to combat the spread. Plazas along the Pennsylvania Turnpike now sit mostly empty, while Google Maps shows freeways around Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta usually choked with traffic now largely free of cars … And state budget officers are fretting over a sharp decline in revenue from gasoline taxes and other sources tied to driving.

Maybe they should just increase traffic fines to make up for it? After all, there are a whole lot more speeders out there these days (as I have chronicled in recent posts):

A New “Cannonball Run” Record Thanks to the Corona Virus.

More Corona Virus Times – Speeding is all the rage now, it appears….

Corona Virus Times: Cops Still Handing Out Speeding Tickets

I’m sure this is an idea that would sit very well with my Traffic Nazi detractors:

The “Soup Nazi“ Approach to Traffic Tickets

If you are not a regular of my blog you may not be familiar with this type of individual, so let me enlighten you:

Traffic Ticket Nazi, noun: An individual who believes that tickets should be issued to all motorists for every minor traffic infraction. 

1 mph over the limit?  Ticket.

Failure to signal at a deserted intersection?  Ticket.

Roll through a stop sign when no one is within 200 feet of the intersection?  Ticket.

Air freshener “obstructing” the front window?  Ticket.

Free Resources

The Basic Speeding Ticket Defense

This is a 9 page review of the most basic way to beat a speeding ticket – even if you actually were speeding. This particular strategy will almost always work, but it does depend on one aspect of the circumstances surrounding your ticket.  For the strategy to be effective, there must be an issue with the speed limit signs, themselves. It’s all about the need of states/localities to comply with their “Obedience to Traffic Control Devices” statutes.

Click to Download the Free “Basic Speeding Ticket Defense”

Applying the Traffic Ticket Defense Method to Challenge a Citation.

This is a seven-page, detailed explanation of my three-step method for challenging any traffic ticket. I use the “Driving at a Safe Speed” statute from Pennsylvania to illustrate this method, but it can be applied to any other statute that you might be cited for in the vehicle code.

In addition, no matter what state you live in, the procedure is the same: you need to understand the statute you allegedly violated, look for technicalities in that statute and (most importantly) find case law to support/reveal those technicalities.

Click to Download the Free “Applying the Traffic Ticket Defense Method to Challenge a Citation”

The Pennsylvania Stop Sign Defense Strategy in a Nutshell.

This is a one-page, eight-point summary of the strategy I discovered while researching ways of beating unfair stop sign tickets. It is specifically geared to Pennsylvania but can also be applied to most other states.

Click to Download the Free “Pennsylvania Stop Sign Defense Strategy in a Nutshell”

My Son’s Opening Trial Statement at the Court of Common Pleas.

This is an elegant, one-page, powerfully concise expression of my defense strategy.

Click to Download the Free “My Son’s Opening Statement for his Trial in the Court of Common Pleas, Wayne County, Pennsylvania”

The Brief – My Son’s Case Brief for the Court of Common Pleas

  • An eighteen-page argument for why an illegal stop sign is not enforceable.
  • Requested by the President Judge at Wayne County, PA, Court of Common Pleas.
  • A highly distilled application of the Pennsylvania Stop Sign Ticket Defense.

Click to Download the Free “Brief Prepared for Submission to the Wayne County, PA, Court of Common Pleas”


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